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Build Your Own Computer(PC)-Homebuilt computer-
This is a site of Japan
Let's make your own computer!

It is easy to build Homebuilt computer.
Follow my guide to help you build your own Computer.
I will introduce how to make a personal computer.

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Last updated 2011.03.29
"How to Build a PC , the choice of Devices , and setting"

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Mar. 25,2011
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Homebuilt Computer Fun !

Build a PC !
Most people who have never built a computer may find it difficult to.
However, you can easily build a PC just to assemble Devices that are designed to meet standards.

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Homebuilt computerBuy Pogoplug
"Pogoplug" is the NAS adapter which U.S. CloudEngines company developed.

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I made a bulletin board.

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Homebuilt computer Information


What is a PC?
Homebuilt PC vs. Manufacturer PC
Where can I buy the PC Devices?

Demonstrate the steps Core i7 conputer
Your homebuilt computer(Now 15)
Helping BBS


Preparing to build your own PC

How to Buy Devices (Dosupara)

PC Buying Guide Part of "Dosupara"

How to Buy Devices (Tsukumo)

PC Buying Guide Part of "Tsukumo"

How to Buy Devices (PasokonKoubou)

PC Buying Guide Part of "PasokonKoubou"

Homebuilt Advice

Some pieces of advice .

First Homebuilt
Barebone kit
>partially -assembled

>PCs with built-in tuner
Gaming PC
>Comfortable playing the game
Quiet PC
>Quiet machine

Why are the prices of device different?

Relationship between price and performance

Difference between the motherboard
Structure and performance of the keyboard

Shop Comparison

This site sells the device of the PC

The popularity vote of the shop
PC Shop Search
Used Computers Shop

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